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Thick & Luxurious Raw CBDA & CBD Honey.

Thick & Luxurious Raw CBDA & CBD Honey.

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Our Raw CBDA CBD Honey is developed on a small, family run bee farm in Lithuania. The beautiful Lithuanian countryside provides flowers and meadows that result in a Honey blend that includes 44% Forest Flowers Honey, 44% Buckwheat Honey and 12% added trichomes from high quality, organic hemp plant material.

This product contains:

  • 1.83% CBDA
  • 0.10% CBCA
  • 0.04% CBGA
  • 0.03% CBD
  • 0.2% CBDVA
  • 0.06% THCA

This product works fantastically as an edible and is easily consumed raw or infused with other cooking recipes, smoothies and baked treats.

Suggested Use:

  • One serving (1tsp) contains ~ 104mg CBDA and other cannibinoids

Recommended Storage:

  • Store in a cool, dry, dark place
  • Keep our of the reach of children
  • Keep away from direct sunlight