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Hemp Shower Gel (9901508683)

Hemp Shower Gel

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Active Hemp Shower Gel

Organic Cannabinoid rich soothing and refreshing cleansing gel.

Everyday natural maintenance for irritated and troubled skin.

Naturally anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and non-allergic - perfect for the every day care for sensitive skin.

Contains stimulating peppermint, lavander and tangerine oils.

Pack size 200 ml

Carun natural hemp shower gel is suitable for all who care about their body and the environment.

Carun Hemp Shower Gel is suitable for daily use for the whole family. It is specifically developed for sensitive skins and skin problems such as psoriasis, acne, eczema, dry itchy skin or skin allergies.

Carun natural Hemp Shower Gel gently cleanses and cares for the skin without compromising its natural protection and after washing leaves the skin beautifully soft.

The formula of cannabis sativa extract, tangerine, peppermint and lavender oils have a beneficial effect on the skin, moisturising, protecting and  providing nutrition and regeneration.

Tangerine oil is fruity, sweet, gentle and can dispel anxiety, calm the psyche and induce a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Tangerine oil also has strong antioxidant properties that prevent premature skin from aging.

Peppermint oil scent refreshes the mind and fights exhaustion and lack of concentration, helps with stress, headaches or migraines.

Lavender oil helps replenish energy and stamina. Lavender has been valued for centuries as it positively affects skin and contributes to its beauty.

Directions for use
Apply shower gel to wet skin, lather and rinse off thoroughly with water.

Organic and Vegan. 

Not tested on animals. It does not contain synthetic fragrances, dyes or preservatives.

Our products are not intended to cure, they are designed to assist treatment and help manage symptoms.