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Green Apron 100mg CBD Gorilla Glue Shampoo - 6 pack

Green Apron 100mg CBD Gorilla Glue Shampoo - 6 pack

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Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C which strips your hair of any buildup and excessive sebum. The citrusy properties of grapefruit are going to freshen up your hair and uplift hair growth. This refreshing shampoo by Green Apron is the best choice for dull and lifeless hair. It will enhance your hair’s volume to give you the boost of confidence that you needed this entire time. Grapefruit extracts also contain anti-microbial properties to prevent your hair from micro-organisms that damage your hair. Hemp oil on the other hand is considered the best essential oil for hair. Its hair-care pros are innumerable. Hemp oil prevents the hair from any damage caused by extra-oxidation. Besides that, it also makes your hair manageable and tangle-free to reduce hair loss and combing damage. Hemp oil is also rich in omega 3 and fatty acids to maximise hair growth. Massaging your scalp with this beneficial oil helps in optimum blood circulation that helps extraordinarily in hair growth and nutrition. Together, grapefruit and hemp provide the best nutrition possible to your hair.

- 6 Pack of shampoo
- Vegan-Friendly
- Excellent fragrance lift
- Each bar contains 100mg CBD 
- High glycerine content for rich lather
- Made with soothing aloe vera
- Free from the surfactant Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
- Induces hair growth
- Contains conditioning additives