CBD 200mg Dark Chocolate 100g

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CBD chocolate hand made with the finest 54% Coca and Coco Butter. This product is suitable for a vegan diet, and is Lactose and Gluten free. This smooth luxurious chocolate contains 200mg of CBD full spectrum oil. A 100g bar of CBD Chocolate goes a long way, a small piece will satisfy any chocoholic craving. One Square of chocolate contains over 8mg of CBD.

Also available in Milk Chocolate.

CBD 200mg. Belgium Chocolate, Cannabidiol Oil, Hemp Seeds, Nuts, Mint Essence, Blood Orange Flavouring.
CBD full spectrum oil is a food supplement. Do not supplement for a balanced diet.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage of 200mg. Pregnant or breastfeeding women please seek professional advice before using this product. Not for sale U18s. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Net Weight 100g